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Gregg Lancer is a “safe money director” to those who are afraid of making irreversible financial mistakes and want profit protection. He is known as the original RETIREMENT LIFEGUARD who “protects your profits” and rescues people’s assets from being swept out to sea and lost forever.

A local family man, Gregg Lancer is committed to service you can trust. He’s been married for 26 years, has 2 teenage boys (young men) and a beautiful Golden Retriever and is very active with his church. Gregg also has a passion for singing and surfing.

He’s been in the financial services biz since 1996 and for the past few decades, has specialized in “safe”retirement products and vehicles that offer upside potential with downside protection, mortgage protection plans and State Pensions. He’s studied them, sold them, educated and trained others about them, and many of his clients, including his parents, are receiving very nice incomes from them.

Just as music changes over the years, so does the economic environment. In today’s financial marketplace, there are wise, alternative choices that can minimize risk, maximize safety, and preserve one’s chances of getting favorable, market-like returns without the risk and fees of most modern-day offerings. Yet far too often, many people are still holding on to outdated and poorly performing investments that hinder their potential for growth and protection.

Gregg helps people to create income streams they cannot outlive. He designs and implements strategies that help build and protect personal wealth, while helping people make decisions that they either cannot or will not make on their own.

As the “Retirement LifeGuard” of FORTRESS Financial Advisory Group, Mr. Lancer’s association with the trusted national network of other local financial specialists provides him with a broad portfolio of products and services. Through these networks, Gregg constantly stays informed of issues that affect his clients, who become friends, so he can provide answers to the questions that concern those preparing for retirement, as well as others who are already enjoying it.

Mr. Lancer has the answers!
CA. Lic.# 0B75302
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