My Very Own Retirement Lifeguard!

I really enjoyed working with Gregg on my retirement plan. He examined all of my paperwork and helped me consolidate most everything into one easier to manage (and more lucrative) package. I had kind of a mess to deal with yet Gregg was always kind …

-Nancy in San Diego

This is Replacing My 401K!

“It’s amazing that my CPA and my Financial Adviser never presented this to me before. What a difference it would have made had I known about this years earlier. Never mind the 401(k) alternative. This is replacing my 401(k)!”

~ Jeffrey, San Diego, CA.

Very Knowledgeable!

We found Gregg to be knowledgeable and well informed. We have confidence that he has the options and products available to help us plan for our retirement.

~ Ron and Chris, Whittier, CA

All I can say is . . . GRATEFUL

After attending the Social Security workshop, I was amazed at how much I didn’t know about the many Social Security options. These guys know their stuff and they SAVED us from making the wrong SS benefit elections. Also, the SS Timing Report is fantastic…

  • – D. Phelps, Anaheim CA

Straight Shooter

Gregg~ Upon meeting you I felt you were a straight shooter. You were willing to answer questions about your business and how you are compensated. The accommodations you made to come out to my house to discuss the options I had were very helpful …

– Rick of Anaheim Hills


Fortress Financial Advisory Group is the home of the “Retirement Lifeguards”(sm).

Do you have a Lifeguard on Duty to protect and preserve your hard-earned assets from the sharks and strong riptides of the financial marketplace?

Located in South Orange County, California, we are a group of passionate and dedicated financial professionals who specialize in . . .

– Retirement
– Pensions
– Mortgage Protection
– Social Security Maximization
– Income Planning
– and more!




Fortress Financial Advisory Group ~ So. OC Office
31103 Rancho Viejo Road, Suite D-121
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Anaheim Office:
AIM Associates ~ 501 N. Brookhurst St., # 216, Anaheim, CA. 92801

Gregg Lancer ~ p: 949-652-6510
fax: 949-496-4839

Cameron Winger ~ p: 714-490-7700
fax: 714-490-7788

Walt Lusk ~ p: 714-296-0500
fax: 800-395-5434

Chris Nesbitt ~ p: 949-361-1184
fax: 949-496-4839




Retirement Plan Rescue – Were you given wrong information? DO YOU HAVE A LIFEGUARD ON DUTY???

Life Insurance 101 – There are 2 types of life insurance, which one do you have, and is it right for you?

Annuity 101 – Are you ready for an “income stream that you cannot outlive?” Not all annuities are created equally.

Social Security Maximization ~ How and when to apply to get the most out of this income source.

Mortgage Protection ~ New & improved plans provide payments while you’re still living!



“I’m putting away WAY more than I normally would with my 401(k), and I won’t be taxed when I take it back out. Outrageous! I thought it was too good to be true until I saw it on paper for myself.

Thank you Fortress Group!”

~ Jan, San Clemente, CA


Hi Gregg – Just a short note to thank you for the information you provided for me regarding my Social Security. It certainly helped me to make the right decision regarding my benefits.  Additionally, the financial analysis you did for me has been an excellent tool for me moving forward.

Thank you so very much!

~ Gladys, Buena Park, CA

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