My very own Retirement Lifeguard!

I really enjoyed working with Gregg on my retirement plan. He examined all of my paperwork and helped me consolidate most everything into one easier to manage (and more lucrative) package. I had kind of a mess to deal with yet Gregg was always kind and non judgmental. Also, he showed me how to do all of the paperwork and even did much of it himself. I learned so much from Gregg while we worked together that I was sorry when it was all completed! Furthermore, I was completely comfortable about the safety of my personal information with Gregg. He is obviously well qualified and always a gentleman. Thanks again, Gregg! Nancy in San Diego

All I can say is . . . GRATEFUL

After attending the Social Security workshop, I was amazed at how much I didn't know about the many Social Security options. These guys know their stuff and they SAVED us from making the wrong SS benefit elections. Also, the SS Timing Report is fantastic. We are WAY ahead of the game now and well on our way into a safe & secure "distribution phase" of our lives.  Thank you Retirement Lifeguards! D. Phelps, Anaheim CA

Straight Shooter

Gregg~ Upon meeting you I felt you were a straight shooter. You were willing to answer questions about your business and how you are compensated. The accommodations you made to come out to my house to discuss the options I had were very helpful considering my busy schedule. Your willingness to go over all the parts of the investment plan were very much appreciated, especially your follow up. Rick of Anaheim Hills

Thank You!

“I’m putting away WAY more than I normally would with my 401(k), and I won’t be taxed when I take it back out. Outrageous! I thought it was too good to be true until I saw it on paper for myself. Thank you Fortress Group!” ~ Jan, San Clemente, CA.

Very Knowledgeable!

Gregg, We found you to be knowledgeable and well informed.  We have confidence that you have options and products available to help plan for retirement. Ron and Chris of Whittier

Short & Sweet

Hi Gregg Just a short note to thank you for the information you provided for me regarding my Social Security. It certainly helped me to make the right decision regarding my benefits.  Additionally, the financial analysis you did for me has been an excellent tool for me moving forward. Thank you so very much! Gladys of Buena Park

What a workshop!

We met Gregg at one of his workshops which was very informative.  At our one on one meeting, Gregg provided us with some excellent insight on our current investments and suggestions on preserving our wealth.  He was very easy to work with and provided a comprehensive retirement plan.  Gregg is knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with. NANCY & STAN, GARDEN GROVE

What a workshop!!

Gregg & Cameron & Kristi ~ I've been to many educational workshops but never have I learned so much and laughed at the same time! Super-Informative and helpful. I look forward to visiting with you. Thanks again.  M. Mandeville, 2017

No Pressure? 10/12/14

When Gregg and Chris first met with us, they took the time to listen to our needs, to understand our family situation and what we hoped to do in terms of our financial future. They then came back with some different options that fit our needs. They never pressured or tried to steer us towards a particular option, but patiently explained and pointed out factors for us to consider in making our decision. Once we decided on a course of action, they walked with us each step of the way and helped get things set up. Gregg and Chris are knowledgeable, professional, and personal. They were very helpful to our family and a pleasure to work with. We would not hesitate to use them again. --G&M, Huntington Beach

Proof is in the ???

 Hi Gregg, it's week 2 of the Government shut down 2013.  I just noticed the Dow is down 159 points today 10-8-13 and when I saw it, I smiled and thought of you.  I know my retirement is safe and secure (unless the World blows up).  Thank you again for putting us in a safe harbor investment strategy that I can smile about when unfortunate others are stressing.  Love you Bro, thank you very much, Darrell and Mary. Laguna Hills, CA. P.S., you can post this if you like.