• Retirement Plan Rescue – Were you given wrong information? Do you have a Lifeguard on Duty?
  • Life Insurance 101 – There are 2 types of life insurance, which one do you have, and is it right for you?
  • Annuity 101 – Are you ready for an “income stream that you cannot outlive?” Not all annuities are created equally.
  • Social Security Maximization – How and when to apply to get the most out of this income source.
  • Mortgage Protection – New & improved plans provide payments while you’re still living!

Retirement Plan Rescue

Your 401(k)… Were you told… saving the tax during the contribution phase is better in the long run? Are you getting a “match”? (a.k.a. “free money). Have you REVIEWED YOUR PENSION?? Is your home PROTECTED?


  • Free money INCREASES your future tax bill.
  • By contributing to a 401(k) OR 403(B)now, you’re not avoiding taxes, you’re DELAYING them!
  • And by delaying them, you’re COMPOUNDING them!

Think you’ll be in a LOWER tax bracket at retirement age?


Life Insurance 101

There are 2 types of LIFE INSURANCE
Which one do you have ???

Why buy Life insurance?
Who needs it most? (hubby or wifey)
How much do I need?

1.) To NOT be a fool and to step up as “the man” and provide for family expenses like daily living, college, gifting, charitable giving, pay off debt, leave a POSITIVE legacy of honor, responsibility and accountability.

2.) Primary breadwinner, obviously. But if she dies, who’s gonna run the show at home? Mary Poppins costs money ! So does college.

3.) Typically 5-7 times your annual income. But how many more years will you work? Now multiply that by your annual salary. That’s how much you will earn before you retire.

If you’re not here, where will that $ come from?

Without Life insurance, your family MAY need to . . .

Borrow money, go into debt, take on additional employment and/ or work longer hours, downsize housing, sell assets at a deep discount, discontinue certain schooling plans, delay college, discontinue a business, suffer unpleasant circumstances, etc.

Annuity 101

Protect and Preserve your Money… Not OUTLIVE it!

I certainly don’t want to overwhelm you. But if you can consume the following, you’ll be ready for the the “income stream that you cannot outlive.” This is what an annuity is designed to produce. In order to choose an annuity however, it’s imperative that you understand the “basics.” Here is my simple explanation… that I call, “Annuities 101.”